samedi 24 février 2024

Jack Symes (dir.) : Philosophers on God. Talking about Existence

Bloomsbury Academic - Février 2024

The origin of our universe is the greatest mystery of all. How do we find ourselves existing, let alone enveloped in a cosmos enriched with such order and complexity? For religious philosophers, despite the incredible advances of modern physics, we are no closer to a scientific explanation of where the universe came from. ‘God’, they affirm, ‘is the best solution to the mystery.’ Yet, there are those who call for patience. The new atheists remind us that science has a habit of explaining what was once unexplainable. In the meantime, we should not delude ourselves into contentment. ‘Religion’, they say, ‘is the opium of the people and the enemy of progress. In fact, God may be the nastiest idea in human history.’ This book is a short, engaging and accessible guide to the mystery of existence. Featuring remastered interviews and original essays from the world’s most influential and respected thinkers, Philosophers on God explores the most fascinating and innovative research in all of philosophy and science. In doing so, it sheds new light on the nature, purpose and ultimate destination of our universe.

Contributors: Susan Blackmore, William Lane Craig, Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennett, Daniel J. Hill, Jessica Frazier, Silvia Jonas, Asha Lancaster-Thomas, Stephen Law, Casey Logue, Yujin Nagasawa, Richard Swinburne, Jack Symes, Mohammad Saleh Zarepour.
Jack Symes is a public philosopher and writer. He is the producer of The Panpsycast Philosophy Podcast and editor of the Bloomsbury series Talking about Philosophy. He is currently Teacher and Researcher at Durham University, UK.

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