dimanche 15 août 2021

SubStance, 50-2 : Reading After Blanchot (ed. Z. Paul)

Johns Hopkins University Press - Août 2021

"Reading After Blanchot" ed. ZakirPaul, A special issue of SubStance : A Review of Theory and Literary Criticism , Vol. 50, Number 2, 2021 (Issue 155) Johns Hopkins University Press, 2021. EAN13 : 15272095. Voir en ligne, via le Projet Muse… Introduction: Reading After Blanchot Zakir Paul pp. 3-10 Fiche de fragment : Reading Blanchot with Char Tom Conley pp. 11-24 Listening for Blanchot Ann Smock pp. 25-44 The Joy of Uprising and the Fear of the State: On Blanchot's Insurrectional Writings (1968-1969) Jean-François Hamel , Bernard Schutze pp. 45-60 Politics and Ontology of the Image: Godard's Debt to Blanchot Anne-Gaëlle Saliot pp. 61-78 "As Nameless as a Flower": The Exhaustions and Excesses of Outliving in Ganja & Hess Kevin Bell pp. 79-101 Terror of the Image: Maurice Blanchot and Mohammed Dib in Conversation Nasrin Qader pp. 102-118 Varieties of Nothing John Brenkman pp. 119-140 Staging Blanchot Christophe Bident , Sylvia Gorelick pp. 141-155

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