mardi 8 décembre 2020

Justin E. H. Smith : Irrationality. A History of the dark side of reason

Princeton University Press - Décembre 2020

In this sweeping account of irrationality from antiquity to the rise of Twitter mobs and the election of Donald Trump, Justin Smith argues that irrationality makes up the greater part of human life and history. Ranging across philosophy, politics, and current events, he shows that, throughout history, every triumph of reason has been temporary and reversible, and that rational schemes often result in their polar opposite. Illuminating unreason at a moment when the world appears to have gone mad again, Irrationality is timely, provocative, and fascinating.

Justin E. H. Smith is professor of the history and philosophy of science at the University of Paris 7-Denis Diderot. His books include The Philosopher: A History in Six Types (Princeton)

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